"Amnesia" is a 10 minute short film. The project was filmed in Belgium, and took 2 days to film. The pre-production took very long. The film is inspired from "Memento" (Christopher Nolan). Writing the story, scenario and script took so long, I had to postpone the shooting day.

Watch the project here:

How the story works.

If you've seen Memento, this will be really easy to follow. If you don't have, don't worry, but it can be quite hard to understand the way the story works. Please watch the film first before you read the following text. I will not explain the story, but I will explain how it works and I'll breakdown the timeline.

You can clearly see two different timelines in the film. A black/white one, and a colour one. The difference between the two are simple. The black/white one is showing the past, and the coloured one shows the future. Each time a scene ends, another scene takes place from the other timeline. The black/white scenes follow in the right order, but that's not the case for the coloured ones. They play backwards. Every time a coloured scene begins, that is the ending of the previous coloured scene.

Let's visualize

Imagine 2 two people facing each other, with a distance of 100 metres. The left one is called 'Beginning' and the right one is called 'Ending'. We see Beginning starting to walk slowly towards Ending. A couple of seconds later we see Ending walking towards Beginning. Each time they walk 10 metres. After they've finished walking 50 metres we can see that the two meet in the middle of the place. So what can we conclude? The middle is the ending of our short story here, we saw the Beginning first, then the Ending and then we saw them walking towards each other. So the ending of the film is the middle of the story. Questions? Feel free to contact me.