Carnevil Nightmare Trailer

"Carnevil Nightmare" was a free walkthrough haunted house in Belgium, Mortsel. The project opened on Halloween in 2012 for a weekend and was renewed and given a new theme every year. 2016 was the last year the project went on. 'Carnevil Nightmare' was a massive success for both families and youngsters. The trailer had more than 2.500 views.

Watch the project here:

Where/how was it filmed?

The trailer was filmed in a forest of the Ardennes of Belgium. We used several lights on stands for the frontal lighting (red), and put up some lights behind trees. (dark blue) A fogger was used to simulate a darkness approaching the girl. A generator gave us enough energy to run everything. Fun fact: Some cars were stopping by to watch what was happening. Maybe they thought there was a fire going on.

A picture of the gear used for shooting the trailer.