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Climb Mate


Test and pollute your friendship, while climbing a tall mountain. Climb Mate is all about teamwork and precision using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con! This game was made in a game jam, with me and a couple of friends. (See credits below).

Climb Mate made the second place on the DAE Game Jam, and got first place on the Game Pitch Night! Click on the widget below to download and see more of the game!



  • Jens Lelie: Code, design and promotional material
  • Sybren Van Praet: Code and Joy-Con integration
  • Floris Leysen: Code and Joy-Con integration
  • Adam Pype: Code and art
  • Oscar Tulkens: Art and music

3D Cityscene Annecy


This project was a school assignment, where we had to create a cityscene ( 25x25m ) based on an existing city using as much reference as we could. I chose Annecy, just because I really like French architecture / cities. The main goal of the cityscene was that it had to be very optimised, so it could be used in video games.

The cityscene is created in 3DS Max ( models ) and Photoshop ( textures ).

Night in the Woods Scene


This project was a school assignment, where we had to redo a scene from a 2D game. We had to change the theme, time of day, make changes to the scene, … I made a lot of changes, here are a few: Made the scene underwater, added fish, demolished buildings and statue, changed time from day to night, …

The original game is called Night in the Woods, and it’s an amazing game.

DISCLAIMER: These illustrations are under my copyright, contact me if you want to use them!



Shjin” is a video game experience. I’ve created a text-based game with a sciencefiction story. That game could be played on June 1st, in Antwerp. A dark, small room shaped a scary atmosphere, where players could play the game on a single computer around video-projections. The game also has selfmade music.

The game was my final project for high school, which gave me a score of 84. It was critically acclaimed by the judges, and the audience.


Shjin was ment to be played on location (june 1st, 2017) and wasn’t made for home use. Tons of people asked me to make a version for home computers. Right now I’m very busy converting the game, so stay tuned for a free download on this site!


Listen 3 songs from the video game Shjin here: