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Unsplash is a website that brings photographers together. With their CC0 policy, everyone is free to use every photo how they want (even for commercial use!). Around april in 2015 I decided uploading some pictures I made. It was really calm until a director of Adobe selected my photo for a collection. The photo now has over 6 million views and 40.000 downloads. That’s huge!

Random photo of my Unsplash page:

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October 1st 2018: 13.6M views, 94k downloads, 1k likes

Release Me From This Caging Light


Release Me From This Caging Light is an urbex photography album. All the photos were made on the same location, an old coal mine. After an explosion happened, the mine closed and is now used for Urbex. I was brave enough to visit the very old and dangerous building, and was able to shoot some amazing photos. Not all the photos were uploaded to the internet for copyright reasons.

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DISCLAIMER These photos are under my copyright, you are not allowed to use them in any way.