(Y)ay! iloilo just got a new update! (U)pdate 2003 adds an amazing mechanic for someone very special. Sadly, I can't elaborate too much since it's still in (B)eta. (T)he update is behind a paywall, but everyone donating (EXACTLY) € 2.03 will receive a full refund.
(R)emember: (T)he answer lies in a place to rest and come to peace where 4 magic digits will uncover the next piece.
(P).(S). (S)orry for the weird brackets, it's a problem with my keyboard (I) guess. 
iloilo's explorable island
iloilo's explorable island
iloilo is a tiny walking sim about a lonely fisher that's delivering fish to a seemingly abandoned island. 
(E)mbark on the smallest journey by delivering fish to the island residents. (R)un around the island and make sure all fish crates are filled. (A) rotating mountain in the center of the island sure is an eyecatcher.